Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lemme get a Zebra sandwich....

Have any of you seen Man -vs- Wild on the Discovery channel? There's this guy named Bear Grylls, and he is reminiscent of the late Steve Irwin. The biggest difference between the two is Steve Irwin caught Crocs, and Bear...he takes on the wild. They are both highly educated on the wilderness, but Bear shows how to survive in the roughest conditions this world has to offer. He shows valuable insight on survival techniques, and how important knowledge of your surroundings are.
They drop him off in a random area for seven days and he must survive with what nature provides for him, which means he eats what he catches. This includes: snakes, maggots, fresh fish, fresh zebra, rabbit,a live frog, and pretty much anything else he can catch that won't kill him. This is borderline cannibalistic, but survival of the fittest.
The worst part of it all is probably the cameraman. He follows Bear on his journey, but he's allowed to eat regular food. So while Bear is eating Bear (no pun intended) and drinking creek water, the cameraman just finished a ham and turkey sandwich, a mountain dew, half a snicker bar, a bag of barbecue chips, a swiss cake roll...and an after lunch cigarette.
Atleast sometimes he cooks the meat first.

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The Humanity Critic said...

I've seen that show a few times, that guy bugs me