Tuesday, July 31, 2007


These people are so adamant about rebuilding our culture I couldn't help but pass this along. These "def poets" are intriguing with their thoughts and views on our culture, and the way they express it is profound. If we, as a people, can understand that we are our own suppressers, and that we don't have to fit into this stereotype that society has given us. We as a people must rise above the negativity that is naturally associated with us in mainstream America. A few things that we can all do is:

1. Call each others brothers and sisters instead of niggas and bitches
2. Stop letting the "harsh realities" in our music guide our actions
3. Put the guns down
4. Support positive artists as well
5. Promote change within yourself, others will follow
6. Spread the message amongst your peers
7. Educate yourself, read more

Without further ado...check this out

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