Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do you remember...

Good Afternoon Blogosphere....
As I brush the dust off of my broken-in Mr. Rogers sweater, take off my Air Force's and do a Michael Jackson spin and kick, I smile to myself listening to "Goodtimes" by Juelz Santana on his second album "From me to you". You can't help but to think about the good times you remember from your childhood, and even the not-so-good times that don't seem all that bad now. The song is now stuck in my head.

"I look around like where the good times at? I'm just tryin to bring the good times back..."

"Do you remember..."

Cross Colours jean outfits
Bucket Hats
Malcolm X hats and necklaces
Doc Martin boots
Starter Hats and Coats
High top fades
Pig tails
Fanny packs
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt combo with the Gun
Big Trouble in Little China
Michael Jordan playing
Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Million Dollar Man, Coco B. Ware, Jake the Snake and all the original wrestlers who made wrestling famous...

Memories like those help me appreciate the '80's and '90's. Youth today have no idea about the "good times". Times are changing. They don't have the simple stuff like I did, they get the advanced technology germ. For instance...

reality shows
cell-phones (as early as 9 yrs old)
xbox 360
Fake wrestling
George Bush
Underage pregnancy
"No Snitching"
Trap stars
Diamonds....and zirconiums
pimps and hoes
34" rims

but.....atleast they get to Crank That!

I wouldn't trade in my childhood for any amount of money.

Any amount of money under 100 Bill-yen doll-ers....

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